TOA DM-503
TOA DM-503 Dynamic Microphone
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TOA DM-503 Dynamic Microphone

৳ 14,500

  • Moving Coil Microphone
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Uni-Directioanl Microphone
  • Impedence 600 Ohms
  • 5 Yards Special Cable.
  • Light Golden Cable

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TOA DM-503 dynamic microphone

–1. microphone
–2. cable with Cannon XLR socket
–3. original holder (pipe)
Superior dynamic microphone, with built-in switch. Neat and easy to use. Resistant, mechanically durable, satisfactory transmission characteristics. There are no dents on the mesh. Extremely long cable.
Model: DM-503

Electrical Output Resistance: 600 Ohm Symetrique
Output Sensitivity: -72 dB
Frequency Response: 100-8000Hz
-Directive: Undirectionnel
-Characteristics of the directive: Superior of 10dB of attenuation between 120 & 12,000Hz (180 °)
-Pas de vis de mounting: W 5/16 ”
weight: 415g
dimensions: 175 mm

TOA DM-503
TOA DM-503
TOA DM-503
TOA DM-503

TOA DM-503 TOA DM-503 TOA DM-503 TOA DM-503 TOA DM-503


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