TOA BS-678B Price in Bangladesh, TOA BS-678B Bangladesh
TOA BS-678B 6Watt Box Speaker
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TOA BS-678B 6Watt Box Speaker

৳ 6,500

The BS-678B, of which cabinet is made of wood,can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Either concealed in-wall wiring or exposed wiring can be used for speaker cable connection. The speaker structure that permits direct wall-mounting with screws prevents the speaker from falling easily even if an outward force is applied to. The input impedance can be easily changed by changing the tap position of the transformer. Two built-in 6-inch double cone speaker units deliver high quality sound. The push-in type input connector makes cable connections easy and allows bridge wiring.

  • Ideally suited for BGM and announcements
  • Compact and unobtrusive design
  • Quick and easy installation, which saves time on setting-up
  • Horizontal / vertical direct wall installation
  • A push-in terminal allows easy cable connections and bridge wiring

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TOA BS-678B 6Watt Box Type Wall Speakers

Rated Input6 W (100 V line), 3 W (70 V line)
Rated Impedance100 V line: 1.7 kΩ (6 W), 3.3 kΩ (3 W), 6.7 kΩ (1.5 W), 13 kΩ (0.8 W)
70 V line: 1.7 kΩ (3 W), 3.3 kΩ (1.5 W), 6.7 kΩ (0.8 W), 13 kΩ (0.4 W)
Sensitivity94 dB (1 W, 1 m) (500 Hz – 5 kHz, pink noise)
Frequency Response150 Hz – 20 kHz (peak -20 dB)
Speaker Component16 cm (6″) double cone-type
Applicable Cable600 V vinyl-insulated cable (IV wire or HIV wire)
Solid wire: φ0.8 – φ1.6 mm (equivalent to AWG 20 – 14)
7-core twisted wire: 0.75 – 1.25 m㎡ (equivalent to AWG 18 – 16)
ConnectionPush-in connector (bridging terminal)
FinishBaffle: HIPS, black (RAL 9011 or equivalent color)
Cabinet: Particle board with pvc sheet, black (RAL 9011 or equivalent color)
Grille: Surface-treated steel plate net, black (RAL 9011 or equivalent color)
Dimensions250 (W) × 190 (H) × 110 (D) mm (9.84″ × 7.48″ × 4.33″)
Weight1.7 kg (3.75 lb)
AccessorySpeaker mounting screw (4 × 35 (0.16″ × 1.38″)) …2
TOA BS-678B Price in Bangladesh, TOA BS-678B Bangladesh
TOA BS-678B Price in Bangladesh, TOA BS-678B Bangladesh

TOA BS-678B Price in Bangladesh

Price:৳ 3,800
Status:In Stock
Warranty:One Year
Hotline:+88 09611-677432
Contact No:+88 01789-636363
TOA BS-678B Bangladesh

TOA BS-678B Bangladesh

The speaker shall be a 6″ (16cm) double cone-type speaker suitable for wall mounting in vertical or horizontal orientation. Cable connection, with either concealed in-wall wiring or exposed wiring, shall be by means of a push-in connector (bridging terminal). Its front baffle should be easily mounted on or removed from the cabinet by using the V-shaped spring attached to the baffle.

The speaker shall include a transformer having multiple taps (0.8W, 1.5W, 3W, 6W at 100V and 0.4W, 0.8W, 1.5W, 3W at 70V) adjustable. The output sound pressure level at a distance of 1m with a 1W input level applied shall be 94 dB SPL. The speaker shall have a frequency response of 150Hz – 20kHz (-20dB). The speaker enclosure shall be constructed of particle board, with a pvc sheet, and the baffle of HIPS resin. The grille shall be surface-treated steel plate net. The speaker shall be available in off-white or  black color. The unit shall have dimensions of 250 (W) x 190 (H) x 110 (D) mm (9.84” x 7.48” x 4.33”), and a weight of 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs.).

Application examples for this product:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals / Health Care
  • Educational facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial facilities

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