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Convex Mirror Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh :

Convex Mirror Price in Bangladesh 2021
No.Model & DetailsLatest Price
1Convex Mirror 24 inch11,000
2Convex Mirror 32 inch17,500
3Convex Mirror 39 inch21,000
Convex Mirror Bangladesh
Convex Mirror Bangladesh
Convex Mirror Bangladesh

Convex Mirror Bangladesh

The mirror reflects a clear, bright image, used to eliminate blind spots to prevent accidents, injuries and deter theft. An accident may cause tears of a lifetime — we all know that. Also be used to increase security around or in buildings. Though it’s up to our luck, but we can avoid road accident if we take some necessary steps. Mirror improves visibility and safety on existing garages and driveways. Just think of a mirror that will help to increase visibility when there are obstructions blocking the driver’s view around the corner or outside the gate. Made of durable, lightweight and shatterproof PC plastic. Yes it’s none other than Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors. These mirrors are security enhancing specialized convex features which make navigating dangerous crossing points, drives and dangerous occurrence areas less risky and less stressful. If you have complicated road conditions with hills, dangerous curves, damaged visibility, or variety and fast moving traffic establishing a traffic representation will reduce the probability of accidents and will keep you, other motorists and people free from injury. Just think about this, the cost of a traffic representation is little compared to the cost of an accident. From a financial perspective, accidents are considerably more expensive than even the most costly of features. From a security perspective, a convex road mirror representation just may even save your or someone else’s life so what a tremendous investment. So has come to make this tremendous investment at reasonable price that means you can purchase traffic mirror at lower price. Convex road mirror is a fantastic device for traffic management as well as security options. This traffic mirror is generally used at the stop point of driveways and at sightless ends. It enhances visibility when there are challenges avoiding the driver’s viewpoint on the skyline or outside the gate. In most cases, it is used in locations where hills and complex forms avoid the viewpoint of a person. This road mirror is powerful and high-visibility features that are also appropriate for locations where vehicles move at top speeds. Our traffic convex mirror will help in road security and also help reduce blind spots, unseen entrances result in and junctions. Road traffic mirror has been designed for both interior/sheltered as well as outside locations. These features are definitely environment proof and are very useful for vehicle parking lots. The dimensions and development of our features allow clients to see around ends and, therefore, can be designed for various factors according to their needs. These are also an effective means to improve people security. Additionally, these are ideal for within locations other types of holiday makers flow exist: for example, in product features, where forklifts and trolleys experience the risk of colliding with each other. Despite the fact that these are known as traffic mirrors, they are very made for community locations — for tracking factors, where there is a risk of filled with meaning damage or theft. Road Security convex mirror must be used by regulators working for street protection. Road and freeway traffic cops can use our traffic mirrors for enhanced street protection results, as we have the right assortment that fit different needs. Road traffic mirrors are substantially used by vehicle parking area managers where a huge place needs to be supervised by a small number of employees. The complete reduction of the risk of robbery can be unrealistic; however, the traffic reflection definitely helps reduce that risk, as it gives a good view of a huge place. In the same way, it can be used at other areas where monitoring and tracking are required. In bigger manufacturing facilities, these road mirrors are used to avoid crashes at junctions and sightless changes. A convex security mirror is a convex representation that has been made for use outside in order to deal with the weather. The convex kind of the representation provides a wider area of viewpoint than a traditional sleek representation because the convex lens is curved in an external route in contrast to the sleek kind of a traditional representation. Beneficial as they are, Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors features change a person’s eye’s probability to understand information absolutely. This is why the side features on vehicles and other motor vehicles always bring the warning: “Objects in the representation are closer than they appear.” However, this problem is very outweighed by the ability to a convex mirror to provide a very comprehensive extensive range of viewpoint — something that offered extremely to the security part. Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are vehicle security mirrors which are proudly preented to you by Nobarun international. In case you are looking for reliable parking area surveillance mirrors, perhaps this one is suitable for you. Let’s get straight to the facts and benefits of Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors. Firstly, there are 3 different types (shapes) of mirrors for you to choose between: round, square and curving convex mirrors and all of them come in a distant coverage area of 24inch, 32inch and 39inch sizes. This leaves you in comfort of choosing the suitable one. Secondly, you get assured of the wide area under clear watch (viewing) when Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors are in use. It has anti-crash characteristic allowing a long-term usage experience. Thirdly, it is very easy and convenient to use and adjust as needed. Fourthly, imported PC or Acrylic is used for the mirror material and Engineering Plastic for the mirror back material which set the state for a vivid and pin-point viewing of the destined area. Fifthly, Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors need almost no additional maintenance after installation which keeps its maintenance cost in a very comfortable figure for you. The only kind of maintenance can be applied is the cleaning of the mirror; clean clothes and warm water or any glass cleaning liquid is suitable for it, thus no need to worry about Parking Security Convex Curved Mirror’s maintenance whatsoever. Then finally, you get to use the product at house garage, factory, office, hospital or at any area that you wish to provide security to parked vehicles. A wide range of usage areas can be reliably covered by Parking Security Convex Mirror in Bangladesh. In case of business prospects, if you are a garage owner or you wish to provide vehicle surveillance convex mirrors to any firm, you might love to choose this product. The key reasons are stated above already, moreover, with a one-time investment, the relentless long-term reliable vehicle surveillance is assured by Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors. That’s how you gain trust in business and perform better as days go on. Its anti-UV radiation mechanism keeps the state of longevity intact and makes sure it works properly for years. Vivid angling view by the mirror also ensures potential parts theft is prohibited. Thus in all positive sense, Parking Security Convex Curved Mirrors is a profitable and very much reliable catch for you.

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