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TOA TS-780 Price in BD, TOA TS-780 Central Unit in Bangladesh

TOA TS-780 Central Unit

TOA TS-780 Central Unit in Bangladesh:

The TS-780 is a Central unit for TOA Conference system. Use of its line connection terminals permits connections to the conference units of TS-781 and TS-782, making up a conference system. The TS-780 is equipped with a MP3 recorder that permits conference contents to be recorded on a SD card. Up to 3 Central units can be connected. With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (2 unit size).

TOA TS-780 Specification:

Power Source220 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption60 W
Rated Output36 V DC, 650 mA × 2
InputMIC: -60 dB*, 600 Ω, unbalanced, phone jack
AUX: -20 dB*, 10 kΩ, unbalanced, phone jack
OutputRecording: -20 dB*, 10 kΩ, unbalanced, phone jack, pin jack × 2
Headphones: Mini jack
Equalizer Insertion Input TerminalInput: 0 dB*, 10 kΩ, pin jack
Output: 0 dB*, 10 kΩ, pin jack
Expansion Input and Output TerminalInput: 0 dB*, 10 kΩ, unbalanced, pin jack × 2
Output: 0 dB*, 10 kΩ, unbalanced, pin jack × 2
Control: 10 kΩ or more, voltage output, pin jack × 2
ControlPriority speech chime: Operation of TS-781’s priority button activates a single-tone chime
Speaker restriction: Number of simultaneously-usable TS-782s can be set to 0 – 4.
Automatic Mic-off function: OFF, 30 s (selectable)
Feedback Suppressor function (FBS): EXT, OFF, AUTO, MANUAL mode (selectable)
MP3 recording and playback
Operating Temperature0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (32 ゜F to 104 ゜F)
Operating Humidity90 %RH or less (no condensation)
FinishPanel: Aluminum, black, 30 % gloss, paint
Case: Steel plate, black, 30 % gloss, paint
Dimensions420 (W) × 96.1 (H) × 226.2 (D) mm (16.54″ × 3.78″ × 8.91″)
Weight3 kg (6.61 lb)
AccessoryPower cord (2 m (6.56 ft))…1
OptionExtension cord: YR-780-2M, YR-780-10M
Rack mounting bracket: MB-23B
TOA TS-780 Price in BD
TOA TS-780 Price in BD

TOA TS-780 Price in BD:

Price:৳ 95,000
Item:TOA Conference System
Contact No:+88 0185-3330344
Status:In Stock
Warranty:One Year
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